7 September 2020

Mental Model

Chauffeur Knowledge | Charlie Munger explains in the story of Max Planck and his chauffeur: I frequently tell the apocryphal story about how Max Planck, after he won the Nobel Prize, went around Germany giving the same standard lecture on the new quantum mechanics.

Over time, his chauffeur memorized the lecture and said, “Would you mind, Professor Planck, because it’s so boring to stay in our routine. [What if] I gave the lecture in Munich and you just sat in front wearing my chauffeur’s hat?” Planck said, “Why not?” And the chauffeur got up and gave this long lecture on quantum mechanics. After which a physics professor stood up and asked a perfectly ghastly question. The speaker said, “Well I’m surprised that in an advanced city like Munich I get such an elementary question. I’m going to ask my chauffeur to reply.’

Planck knowledge has paid the dues and gained the aptitude. Chauffeur knowledge just learned the talk.


Sleep Gummies | Sleep gummies contain compounds (like melatonin, lemon balm leaf and vitamin B6) that can promote healthy sleep patterns.

Sleep Gummies
Sleep Gummies


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The only game worth playing is the long one.



Yeti Rambler | A leakproof Yeti Rambler that’ll keep your drink ice cold (or piping hot) for the entire day. Awesome for hikes, hangovers, and everything in between. Here


“When you say nasty things about people, you should never say the true ones, because you can’t really truly and honestly take those back…”

James Green

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