29 September 2020

Mental Model

Mr Market | Benjamin Graham proposed imagining the stock market as a somewhat manic and not too intelligent profile who would stop by every day to call out prices. Mr. Market will not care if you are interested but will show up every day. However, his mood is subject to extreme changes. There will be times when he is optimistic about the future and so his prices will be high. There will be times when he is pessimistic about the future and so his prices will be low. For the most part, it’s best to ignore his shouting. But when Mr. Market becomes extremely worked up – either excited or depressed – you can exploit his out-of-boundary prices.

The model of Mr. Market is simple, but here’s the problem: it sounds easy to put into practice. But the truth of the matter is that there’s a collective mass of real people on the other side of every transaction. This group might be better educated, have more capital, have more power, and have more experience. So after a while, one might feel that Mr. Market and these people are all superior.

But even then, the model of Mr. Market is paramount.


The Adventure Challenge | A notebook with scratch-off date ideas. The standalone book is priced at $40, and the book is also sold with a Polaroid-esque camera for a combined $148.

This is a steep price for 50 date ideas and a high margin for a short book. The book functions as both a list of ideas and a journal—but the scratch-off date ideas and the camera make it an unusually easy journal to fill out.


Freebie.Supply | Awesome free things for entrepreneurs & startups  Here


Wisdom | Wise people never think they know it all.



Massager | With its 3D deep-kneading shiatsu nodes, soothing heat function, and body-contouring shape, reviewers are saying things like, “Heaven in the shape of a Shiatsu pillow massager.” It automatically changes direction every minute to effectively ease pain in your shoulders, neck, and back, and it has convenient straps so you can attach it to your car or computer chair. 65 bucks. Here


Marcus Aurelius

Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.”

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